About Us

Things to know: (Short!)

1. Annie's Sweet Gifts, LLC was created with teens and adults in mind, not just kids! We have always loved the kawaii, quirky and unique and create accessories to fit that aesthetic. 

2. We do not sell anything edible! All of our products LOOK SWEET, but NOT TO EAT!

3. We support other small businesses. Whenever we can, we purchase supplies and materials from other small businesses local to Bucks County, PA or in the US.

4. We work with the Bucks County rescue, Save the Cats, Inc. Many of our cats have been adopted through the rescue and always remind everyone to Adopt and don't shop! 

5. We love Bucks County! We have lived in Bucks County for over 20 years and never would want to live anywhere else. We are members of the Newtown Business Association and attend many local events. 

6. We are very thankful for the support of our customers that have been buying from us from the very beginning! It is so fun to see you year after year and hear how different things look, and how we have expanded our line. It really means the world to us. <3 

Things to know: (Long!)

My first job when I turned 16 was at AC Moore, a craft store not too far from where I lived in NJ. I was always an artist, and working there definitely broadened my knowledge of the "crafts" part of Arts & Crafts! I tried my hand at crewel embroidery, calligraphy, glass beading and whatever else I could try. I loved to create, it has always been my passion.

Naturally, when Zoe and Jaxson were born, I would share this passion with them. I loved to color with them, sculpt with them and find new things to try. In 2012, I had an idea to decorate these containers with fake frosting, candy and sprinkles. I have always loved fake food, especially sweets! I went to Etsy and bought some supplies and we had a wonderful time.

Through 2 moves, those containers came with us and caught my eye 5 years later. They were just so cute that I wanted to make more, so I did – and I haven't stopped. The containers then led to making more containers, then hair clips, candy bracelets, pins, push pins, earrings and more! The list grows every season. 

We started selling at craft fairs, artisan pop-ups and anywhere else we were able to. We have met many amazing people along the way and have learned so much to get to where we are today. 

Love notes:

Andrew is the most supportive partner. He has done everything in his power to make this dream a reality for me. You will never see me at a show without him by my side. (Unless he is getting me snacks ;) I may be the creator of the brand, but Andrew is the brain, the muscle and the backbone of our business. He is a true partner in every way and definitely the sweetest part of Annie's Sweet Gifts. 

My family and friends of course have been a large part of our journey as well! Huge shout out to Steph, Zoe, Tree, Anna, A, Ava & Mila for coming and helping work shows with us! Last, but certainly not least, my Mom and Dad have also been an amazing support - from helping making bracelets, to putting together displays and helping set up shows - they are my #1 supporters! Shows are so much more fun with the ones you love. 

We are growing and learning day by day, and appreciate your support for our small business.